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AG Processing, Inc.
300,000 Pound-Per-Hour Coal Fired Circulating Fluidized Bed (CFB) Boiler
Hastings, NE

CFB technology was selected as the most economical and technically feasible technology for combusting Powder River Basin coal which meets environmental limits for flue gas emissions and plant operations. The boiler is equipped with natural gas-fired start-up burners. The control system provides network communications and connectivity into existing boiler plant for remote monitoring of new coal plant.


  • CFB boiler
  • Overhead coal, limestone and inert material bunkers
  • Control and I/O rack rooms
  • Conditioned electrical room
  • Full height freight-passenger elevator
  • Enclosed coal receiving and ash loadout building

Fuel Handling System

  • Receives coal by truck
  • 75 ton/hour unloading and conveying system
  • Coal crusher
  • Fugitive dust systems
  • Gravimetric coal feeders

Limestone and Inert Material Systems

  • Receives limestone and sand by truck
  • Limestone metering and feed system
  • Ash/recycle processing for inert materials
  • Inert material feed system

Fly Ash Dust Collector

  • Pulse jet baghouse with high temperature filter bags
  • Designed for on-line cleaning with capability for off-line cleaning

Vacuum Ash System

  • Pneumatic ash conveying system
  • System operation is automatic with evacuation cycles initiated by hopper level switches
  • Concrete ash storage silo
  • Dry ash loadout equipment

Balance of Plant Auxiliary Equipment

  • 350,000 PPH deaerating feedwater heater
  • 20,000 gallon treated water storage tank
  • 2 full capacity deaerator feed pumps
  • 2 full capacity boiler feed pumps
  • Plant instrument air system
  • Closed circuit evaporative cooler for bed drain material cooling screw conveyors
  • Continuous boiler blowdown system