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Belmont University
McAfee Concert Hall
Nashville, TN

ICT provided mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire protection design, and construction administration for a 36,000 SF concert hall renovation including a 1,000-seat concert hall with a small lobby and balcony. An Aolean-Skinner pipe organ is currently housed in the sanctuary, and is included in the design renovation. Dimensions of the former sanctuary were identical to the Tonhalle in Zurich, Switzerland, similar to the unique room geometry and room width of the Tonhalle. Renovation efforts enhanced the absorption ratio, achieved proper room reverberation time, and provided strong lateral acoustical reflections.


  • Acoustical volume was increased roughly 1.5 times the original acoustical volume by opening up access to the attic above and increasing the orchestra floor rake.
  • Side balcony overhangs were decreased in depth by adding side corridors, allowing access to parterre seating and providing appropriate side under-balcony geometry for supporting lateral reflections to the audience.
  • Orchestra floor increased rake provides improved visual and acoustic sightlines to performers on stage.
  • Stage floor is resiliently mounted to serve as a “soundboard” for low frequency string instruments.
  • Attic supply air duct is round to provide acoustical diffusion and sized to serve air at very low air velocities.
  • Audience floor was specified as hardwood reflective to reduce unnecessary acoustical absorption.
  • Windows were upgraded to one-inch thick internal glazing to increase sound isolation to exterior and provide a sufficient mass surface for retaining low frequency sounds and room reverberation.
  • New interior surfaces are of multi-layer drywall construction for retaining low frequency sounds and rom reverberation.
  • Doors to audience chamber are acoustical to reduce exterior noise intrusion.