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Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Biomass Steam Generation Plant
Oak Ridge, TN

ICT provided mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire protection, structural, civil, and architectural design for a biomass gasification steam plant integrated with an existing natural gas fired steam plant. The gasifier feeds a heat recovery steam generator which operates at 60,000 pounds-per-hour at 150 psig.

The project at ORNL consists of a gasifier boiler system fired by biomass rather than the natural gas and heating oil which was being used. Waste wood that fuels the system comes from suppliers within a 50-mile radius of ORNL and includes waste tree bark (hog wood) from timber mills or refuse from pallet manufacturers. The new biomass plant includes a fuel receiving hopper with backrake, magnetic separator, disc screen, conveyor systems, walking floor type fuel storage and reclaim system, gasifiers, oxidizer, heat recovery steam generation (HRSG) and electrostatic precipitator (ESP). ICT worked with the contractor and vendors to coordinate the equipment for the project.

The new boiler system required construction of two new buildings, a 10,000 SF structure for the boiler system and a 14,000 SF facility for handling the biomass, as well as an extensive remodel of the existing three-story steam plant. Four existing natural gas boilers and water treatment equipment were removed.

Work includes demolition of structures and utilities on-site as well as relocation of utilities. The biomass plant includes a truck unloading, conveying, and sizing system with a bulk fuel storage and retrieval conveying system, integrated with a fuel storage building.