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Bunge Corporation 
Edible Oil Refinery
Decatur, AL

ICT served as prime professional on this project.

The refinery has a capacity in excess of 100,000 pounds per hour. The refinery processes crude soybean oil into refined oils for hundreds of uses in foods.

The plant consists of thousands of feet of process pipe and dozens of pressure vessels. Among the challenging design features is 800 psi steam used in the deodorizing process and highly flammable hydrogen used to “harden” some of the oil. The hydrogenation bay included blowout panels to control and direct an explosion. The refinery design included an oil tank farm of more than 30 tanks built to API specifications.

Additionally, the facility had rail tank car washing and loadout facilities. This design included rail spurs to serve the facility. These rail lines necessitated the installation of sheet piling because of their proximity to the river.

Other challenges at the Decatur site included designing the facility to work efficiently within tight geographic limitations. This facility is surrounded on three sides by the Tennessee River.