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Clemson University
Central Energy Facility Renovation
Clemson, SC

The Clemson Energy Facility Renovation was the first competitive design-build type project by the State of South Carolina.

The project included the demolition of:

  • four chillers
  • three small coal fired boilers (retaining
  • one larger coal fired boiler and its air pollution control equipment)
  • associated auxiliary systems

The new work was sequenced to avoid plant outages and consisted of: 

  • Nominal 5 MW natural gas fired combustion turbine generator with 75,000 PPH heat recovery steam generator
  • 4 MW high efficiency gas turbine without heat recovery
  • 75,000 PPH package gas boiler
  • Three 1,800-ton centrifugal water chillers
  • 1,000-ton absorption chiller
  • Complete auxiliary systems

The new chiller and boiler equipment were carefully arranged in the existing powerhouse in such a manner as to allow carefully maintaining the original aesthetic quarry tile floor and glazed tile wall finishes. The combustion turbine and deaerator were neatly installed behind the building adjacent to the existing coal storage area.

A complete DCS design based upon the owner selected Fisher Delta-V platform was included in the powerhouse design. Design included system architecture layout, specification of all I/O and definition of logical operating sequences required of the application program within the DCS.

ICT designed the electrical upgrade of the existing Clemson Powerhouse. The design included the following:

  • Electrical distribution and control gear for two 5 MW turbines operating at 4160 volts
  • Electrical distribution and control of three
  • 4160-volt chillers described above
  • 4160-volt to 13.8 KV interface to the campus distribution system
  • Equipment specifications, installation drawings and protective device coordination.
  • Substation improvements included installation of a new main breaker in the primary campus substation and 4160 volt metal clad switchgear in substation number three under a separate contract