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Department of Public Safety
District 8
Gulfport Campus (Katrina)
Gulfport, MS

ICT provided mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire protection design for four buildings on the Mississippi Department of Safety District 8 Gulf Coast Campus. These new facilities provide spaces to serve police administrative and investigative activities, and support functions such as driver license (DL), forensic labs, testing and support areas, as well as private offices. Parts of each structure are hardened, such as the radio room and the property vault, so that they can withstand nearly any force of nature. The campus was designed for lower maintenance and operating costs, including a 20% more energy efficient climate control system. Further, each building was constructed and oriented to utilize natural light - or what is called "day lighting" - to meet the task lighting requirements for administrative offices during daylight hours. The three main buildings, water well and site lift station are fully backed up with standby generators. In times of emergency such as hurricanes, provisions were made during design to house emergency personnel and meet all other necessities. The hardening of the dispatch and utility services makes the facility the primary emergency operations center for the Department of Public Safety on the Gulf Coast.


  • Mississippi Crime Lab (21,000 SF)
  • Mississippi Bureau of Investigation/Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics (36,000 SF)
  • Mississippi Highway Patrol Substation/Drivers License/Commercial Drivers License Station (16,000 SF)
  • Vehicle Shop (5,000 SF)
  • Climate controlled by Ground Source Heat Pumps