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Forrest County Geothermal Project
Hattiesburg, MS

ICT provided geothermal, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, controls and fire protection design, and construction administration for geothermal retrofit of a 100,000 SF existing Multi-purpose Center and incorporation of geothermal technology during initial construction of the new Forrest County Jail. 

This project consisted of replacing the existing air cooled chiller with geothermal water to water chillers for energy savings at the Forrest County Multi Purpose Center. The project also replaced DX/gas rooftop and DX split system heat pump equipment with geothermal units for the Forrest County Jail. Both of the projects consist of approximately 400 tons of cooling each which totals 800 tons of geothermal ground loop wells and closed loop cooler. Total project cost is $4.1 million. Forrest County is providing a 50% cost share. 

The detention center and the multi-purpose building’s control systems are seamlessly integrated for control, reporting, and other energy saving options.