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Gaylord Opryland 
Central Energy Plant
Nashville, TN 

The Opryland Hotel and Convention Center is a 1,987 guest room complex consisting of five guest halls, one three-story building with three restaurants, three lounges, a 20,000 SF exhibition hall, a 70,000 SF glass conservatory expansion, 11 meeting rooms, landscaped gardens, courtyard, pool, and lighted tennis courts.

A major expansion in 1983 involved the relocation and expansion of the main powerhouse for the entire facility. A new 7,000 SF powerhouse was constructed to house the central heating and cooling plant consisting of four centrifugal chillers with a combined capacity of 2,700 tons and three 350-HP, gas-fired steam boilers. The chilled water distribution system provides variable flow pumping by means of a primary/secondary loop arrangement. The parallel configuration of the chillers permits staging of the machines to match the load demand.

The 1987 expansion involved an addition to the existing main powerhouse. This involved adding two new 1,100 ton centrifugal chillers and two new 350-HP, gas-fired steam boilers and auxiliaries. The new chillers are piped in parallel with the existing chillers, bringing the total combined capacity of the facility to 4,900 tons. The chiller plant operates 24 hours/day, 365 days/year. Both the 1983 and the 1987 expansion were completed with no extended power outages.

In 1991, ICT performed a study evaluating a gas turbine with heat recovery with the recovered heat being utilized for absorption refrigeration. This project was economically feasible and was designed in 1992.