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North Mississippi Regional Laboratory
Department of Public Safety Crime Lab
Batesville, MS 

The North Mississippi Regional Laboratory is centrally located to provide forensic assistance to North Mississippi law enforcement agencies. I. C. Thomasson was responsible for the mechanical, plumbing, electrical and fire protection design for this laboratory facility. This laboratory is primarily responsible for providing forensic services in the areas of:


Technical Assistance Section (TAS) 
• Crime scene response and evidence management
• Provides 24-hour per day, seven-day per week coverage to law enforcement agencies throughout the state for crime scene response to violent crimes
• Crime scene response services include: crime scene exams and evidence collection, on-site examinations, independent case review and specialty assistance
• Evidence management services include: receipt of evidence and evaluation for analysis, submission, handling, storage and disposition of all evidence brought into the MCL system, as well as the archival of all official documents generated within the MCL system
• Provides expert training in the areas of crime scenes, blood spatter analysis and evidence collection and handling to law enforcement agencies and attorneys throughout the state

Latent Print Section
• Examines evidence for the presence or absence of latent fingerprints

Controlled Substance Identification Section
• Identifies controlled substances such as cannabis (marijuana), pharmaceuticals and powder materials, including cocaine
• Classifies and identifies miscellaneous substances such as those used in clandestine laboratories for the illegal manufacture of controlled substances