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Middle Tennessee State University
Several Buildings Safety and Code Corrections 
Murfreesboro, TN

ICT replaced the fire alarm systems in four buildings: Peck Hall, Saunders Fine Arts, Keathley University Center, and the Campus Police Station. Work included total replacement of equipment, control panels, and the addition of devices and general upgrading of systems.

• The scheduled renovation of the Saunders Fine Arts elevator required the addition of a Fireman’s recall.
• The addition of a new elevator in Peck Hall required an upgrade of the fire alarm system in order to provide coverage of the building and Fireman’s recall capacity. The upgrade required new devices and a new control panel.
•The current central monitoring station in the University Campus Police Station reached its full capacity. A larger system was required to provide coverage as buildings were added to the system. An alarm monitoring system was provided to meet current and future needs of the campus.
• Keathley University Center was one of the most used buildings on campus. An upgraded fire alarm system was needed.