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Schermerhorn Symphony Center
Home of The Nashville Symphony
Nashville, TN

Drawing inspiration from the world's great concert halls in Europe and America, Nashville's new hall is the perfect size for acoustical excellence. Four stories tall, the building contains seven half-floors to accommodate access at different levels to the concert hall and the surrounding public spaces.

With rehearsal space, meeting rooms, and an educational classroom, the Schermerhorn Symphony Center combines the elegance and beauty of neoclassical design with the latest in 21st century technology.


  • 1,900 seats, including 150 choral seats behind the stage
  • Accommodates 115 musicians
  • Houses rehearsal space, meeting rooms and an educational classroom
  • Integrated building wide control systems for HVAC, lighting, security, fire alarm and communications
  • "Dynafloor" allows traditional raked house seating or flat floor with the push of a button
  • Acoustically engineered air handling equipment and low velocity ductwork
  • Latest audio/video recording equipment