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Tennessee Governor's Residence
Maintenance, Renovation and Improvements
Nashville, TN

ICT provided mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire protection engineering design for the Master Plan and the first of four phases of this project. The goal was to restore the Residence's architectural features and provide contemporary updates, while preserving the historic integrity of the house and property. ICT was careful to preserve the structure, shell, light fixtures and marble floors, in particular. All plumbing fixtures were replaced or refurbished. Some lavatories were refurbished.

• 15,000 SF renovated
• Geothermal heating and cooling systems - all 4 phases
• High-efficiency units are located in attic and basement
• 78-bore geothermal field
• Supply diffusers created to match historic architectural radiant heater louvers
• Dedicated make-up air unit in basement
• Web-based control system
• “Green” mechanical system
• Existing electrical system brought up to current code
• 535 SF maintenance building added 

Historic preservation - Challenges Faced and Remedied
• Original home built more than 70 years ago
• Electrical wiring in the home was not grounded
• No lightning protection
• Inaccessible to disabled Tennesseans
• Bathrooms and kitchen outlets were not equipped to protect against electric shock