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The Township at Colony Park
Ridgeland, MS 

The Township at Colony Park is a uniquely master-planned mixed-use community situated on a conveniently located 95-acre tract along Highland Colony Parkway. ICT provided utility consulting as well as mechanical, plumbing and electrical design services for the commercial and retail spaces. ICT also developed lighting design standards for the property.

This unique development has been planned using the development styles of New Urbanism and Traditional Neighborhood Development, quality of life movements that promote the neighborhood as a vital component of “community”. The Township offers an alternative to suburban sprawl by providing residences, public spaces, shopping, offices and recreation within walking distance of a vibrant town center.

Office, retail, restaurant and residential products are planned around a traditional street grid and two seven-acre lakes encouraging pedestrian activity, resident interaction, and a sense of “place” and community. Green pocket parks add amenity and function as convenient and useable green spaces.

The Township at Colony Park was developed with the utmost consideration for the area’s natural features, appropriate scale and design, desired amenities, and the 2,500 current rooftops in the area to provide convenient retail and office space to serve the area. 


  • 135 single family residential lots
  • Approximately 150,000 SF of retail space
  • Approximately 250,000 SF of commercial office space
  • Two seven-acre lakes
  • Four pocket parks
  • Site amenities
  • Condominiums