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Tullahoma Army National Guard Readiness Center
Arnold Air Force Base
Tullahoma, TN 

ICT provided mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire protection design of a new 50,876 SF building with drill hall, office spaces and classrooms. Physical security measures were incorporated into design including maximum feasible standoff distance from roads, parking areas, and vehicle unloading areas, berms, heavy landscaping, and bollards to prevent access when standoff distance cannot be maintained. 
Cost effective energy conserving features were incorporated into design, and standard HVAC/MEP systems commissioning was included. An energy management system governs energy efficient units tied to an environmentally friendly geothermal system, energy efficient lighting and an emergency power generator.

•  2,900 SF maintenance training work bay
•  Turn-in sheds
•  Military vehicle parking
•  Security fencing
•  Dark motor pool lighting
•  Vehicle wash system
•  Pump house
•  Fuel storage and dispensing systems
•  Loading ramp
•  Flammable storage building
•  Controlled waste handling facility