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University of Alabama at Birmingham
District Steam System
Birmingham, AL

ICT was the mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire protection, and controls engineers for this district steam plant and distribution system. The new steam plant is being built to replace a coal fired Alabama Power Company facility which supplied all steam to UAB in the past, and is being taken out of service. 

The plant includes four (4) 99 MMBtu/hr natural gas/fuel oil fired boilers capable of generating 320,000 lb/hr of steam, complete with all water treatment, condensate storage, feed-water, controls and auxiliary systems. The plant was designed with the infrastructure, future connections, and space to enable increasing the capacity to 480,000 lb/hr in the future. The plant also includes two (2) 600 kW emergency generators capable of operating the entire plant during a power outage from the utility, and two (2) 720 kW spinning uninterruptable power supplies (UPS) to maintain power while the emergency generators are brought on-line. For a secondary fuel supply, a 210,000 gallon fuel oil unloading, storage, and distribution system was included to serve the boilers and also supply fuel to the emergency generators.

The distribution system includes approximately 10,000 linear feet of steam supply and condensate return piping, and serves approximately twenty-five (25) buildings. The distribution system is routed through an urban environment beneath public streets and through UAB buildings.