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Springleaf Financial Services

Corporate Headquarters

Evansville, IN

Th new 160,000 SF, four-story corporate headquarters is designed to connect and provide integration with the existing Springleaf Campus Building Automation System (BAS) and fire alarm system.

Energy efficient mechanical systems consist of variable speed energy recovery outdoor air ventilators and water side economizer for free cooling with under-floor air distribution systems.  Chilled water plant utilizes the proprietary Hartman Loop Control Methodology to utilize each piece of equipment as best matched to the natural efficiency curve.The system continuously monitors building load and optimizes equipment to best meet building demand, and energy  savings were projected to exceed 30% of actual annual cost when compared to the 2004 ASHRAE 90.1 utilize baseline.  Water use reduction technologies were also implemented to reduce the facility demand by 30% annually.

  • Access floor systems
  • Under-floor air distribution systems
  • Modular power
  • Cabling system
  • Modular data cabling system
  • Energy efficient design


160,000 SF


Springleaf Financial Services


Gresham, Smith and Partners


LEED NC 2.2 Gold Rating Certification