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Systems Engineering

ICT offers Systems Engineering services to a variety of industries including but not limited to healthcare, manufacturing, and warehousing and logistics. These services afford clients robust engineered processes for new and existing processes and products.

ICT staff experience has yielded significant returns in the areas of efficiency, productivity, and quality resulting in positive impact to the bottom line. We understand each client faces unique challenges to meet market demands in their respective sectors, and ICT’s Systems Engineering team provides solutions to these challenges.

Design Services Include:

  • Lean Construction and Design
  • Capacity Planning and Optimization
  • Kaizen Events
  • 5S / 6S Programs
  • Error Proofing (Poke Yoke)
  • Inventory Planning and Optimization
  • Just-in-Time Inventory Systems (JIT)
  • Lean Manufacturing Implementation
  • Material Flow Analysis
  • Operations Research and Modeling
  • Process Design and Improvement
  • Work Measurement and Balancing
  • Pull Production System (Kanban)
  • Single Minute Exchange of Dies (SMED)
  • Six Sigma Improvements and Implementation
  • Value Stream Mapping
  • Assembly Line and Work Cell Design
  • Process and Warehouse Optimization