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Neuhoff Mixed-Use Development: Beefing up Nashville's Connectivity to the Cumberland

March 25, 2022

Located across the river from the buzzing East Bank, Neuhoff Development is a mix of reuse and new construction with some beefy history.

Heartbeat of the Vision: BNA's Central Utility Plant

September 22, 2021

If you were to liken an airport to the human body, then the Central Utility Plant is the heart. Driving the mechanical systems for the entire campus, the CUP was designed for robust and energy-efficient operation to reach sustainability objectives and serve the future strategic vision for the airport.

Healthier Buildings - Mechanical Systems

July 20, 2020

Modern buildings are rapidly evolving to provide best-practice, evidence-based environments that serve the function of the space. No single application or technology fits every need, but the mechanical systems are available to have an impact on the spaces they serve.

Close Coordination From 6 Feet Away

June 10, 2020

"Notice to Proceed" from the Corp of Engineers was received at 7 PM on a Friday evening. Within 15 hours, the site survey for the project was completed. Within 72 hours and while working remotely, the MPE design was completed. And within 60 hours, the team had mobilized the site. The project was substantially complete twenty-two days later.

Cost Savings: "You want how much for your product?"

April 03, 2020

It’s true that “there is more than one way to skin a cat,” but it’s often overlooked that “only one way is the best.” There are many ways to make any product. Good Industrial Systems Engineers (ISE) are experts at processes and can quickly and efficiently identify better ways to deliver products and services. Businesses are processes. They convert a good or service for customers by means of employees and resources into a profit for investors. A good ISE understands not only the engineering of the process but also the economics of business.

Automation: Packaging

March 20, 2020

Automation is an exciting, and sometimes scary, topic for many businesses. To answer the questions that accompany automation takes more than just a financial advisor. Businesses need professionals who understand processes, equipment, and financial implications. This is another area of expertise for Industrial Systems Engineers.

The Future Is Now with Automation

August 16, 2019

Automation is an exciting and scary topic for many businesses. Most businesses love the thought of dumping raw materials into one end of a machine and a finished product coming out of the other. The reality is that the machines capable of accomplishing this feat are often cost-prohibitive and unforgiving when it comes to changing demands.

[Facility] Safety First

August 08, 2019

Ergonomics and Safety should be one of the top priorities of any company. Most companies say, “Safety is our top priority” or “Our employees are our number 1 asset.” These are great sayings, but not all companies live up to these lofty goals.

Work? Studies? Work Studies.

August 01, 2019

Industrial Systems Engineers (ISE) are notoriously known for assisting businesses to better control these costs and add profit to the bottom line. Most people imagine ISE’s walking around with a clipboard and a stopwatch simply demanding employees “work harder”. With a professional ISE, this could not be further from the truth.

Maximize Your Warehouse

July 17, 2019

Utilizing an Industrial Systems Engineer is not limited to large companies. ICT's Industrial System Engineer helped a small company maximize their space utilization and prevented them from incurring unnecessary expenses.

Material Handler

July 12, 2019

Are you relieved when your baggage arrives at the same location that you do? Thank an industrial systems engineer! Industrial Systems Engineers ensure material flows in the most efficient and effective manner.

The Nashville Symphony: Schermerhorn Symphony Center

February 26, 2019

Sometimes issues arise where conventional solutions just will not work. This was the situation presented to I. C. Thomasson Associates by the Nashville Symphony at the Schermerhorn Symphony Center.

Metro Water Services: Omohundro

September 14, 2018

Water is essential for life, and as Nashville grows so does the need for clean drinking water. To support the growing demand, Metro Water Service (MWS) is upgrading their existing water infrastructure.

I.C.Thomasson - A History

June 04, 2018

From the tips of the ears of “The Batman Building” to the depths of the sounds heard at the Schermerhorn Symphony Center, I.C. Thomasson Associates has been an influence in the engineering world for more than 75 years.