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LaGrange College

Ida Callaway Hudson Lab Sciences Building

LaGrange, GA

The existing 23,000 SF Cason J. Callaway Science Building was renovated, and the new 40,000 SF Ida Callaway Hudson Lab Sciences Building was designed adjacent to the existing building.  The new science building includes biology, mathematics, physics, chemistry, general teaching space, faculty offices, and building support. ICT provided mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire protection design for the structure which serves as a gateway to the campus.

Design efforts included Phoenix Control Valves on fume hoods to help ensure a safe environment to meet NFPA 45 and to save energy consumption by reducing the exhaust and outside air requirements.  The associated laboratory supply air VAV tracked the hood exhaust which integrated hood sash controls.

Photo ©Attic Fire Photography


23,000 SF Renovation 40,000 SF New


LaGrange College


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