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Vanderbilt University

Nashville, TN

Peabody Campus Cohen Hall Renovation

HVAC renovation of historic building including art galleries, archives, and classrooms.

Client Allan Ward Architects, LLC

Completion Year 2008

Vanderbilt University

Peabody Campus Hill Data Center

ICT evaluated the existing and five-year project electrical and HVAC conditions and evaluated options to restructure the existing and five-year critical loads so that they could be fed from more than one normal power source.

ICT prepared a written report of the options with probable cost of construction; prepared schematic design for options that include equipment, sizing and layout; prepared potential locations for electrical distribution equipment and HVAC equipment; and compiled power input (both existing and future) to the Data Center from information provided by Owner and HVAC designer.  ICT compiled nominal cooling capacity of existing Liebert units from information provided by Owner.  Power input versus cooling capacity was compared and recommendations provided for true cooling capacity requirements, fundamental space planning, and cost estimates for proposed Hill Data Center expansion.

ICT issued a full design package and provided construction phase services, as well as commissioning assistance.

            Client: Vanderbilt University

            Cost $7.3M

            Completion Year: 2017

Vanderbilt University

Stevenson SC6 VPROMPT Laboratory

The project renovated approximately 1,000 SF of existing lab space in the Stevenson Center Physics Building for the Vanderbilt-Pittsburgh Resource for Organotypic Models for Predictive Toxicology (VPROMPT) program. The lab is in the second basement level and required high level filtration through a HEPA filtered air exchange. The staff can utilize an ante room for gowning prior to entering the lab space.  The lab is surrounded by a viewing hallway gallery with large windows and a television monitor, which displays the microscope images.  Additional equipment includes bio-safety cabinets, ultra-low freezers, and movable worktables. Electrical power and data utilities are distributed along the perimeter walls in a wire mold cable management raceway and an overhead service panel in the ceiling for the central worktables.

Client Wold Architects and Engineers

Completion Year 2015

Cost $5M

Vanderbilt University

Student Sports Complex and Expansion

The 124,000 SF fitness facility provides fitness and recreation areas for the entire student population.

  • Gymnasium with three basketball courts, three-lane raised jogging track
  • Six handball/racquetball courts
  • Tennis courts
  • Two squash courts
  • 36-meter x 25 yard pool (natatorium)
  • 6,000 square foot weight room
  • Wood floor aerobics/exercise room
  • Gymnastics/martial arts room
  • Snack bar.
  • Equipment shop
  • Laundry
  • Administrative offices and meeting rooms

Client Orcutt Winslow

Completion Year 1989

Cost $11M

Size 124,000 SF

Vanderbilt University

Utility Master Plan

ICT provided master planning services for the steam and electrical utilities through the entire Vanderbilt University facility.  The study compared expanding the existing coal-fired boiler plant with the use of gas-turbine based cogeneration system to add steam and electrical capacity.  Central plant growth was evaluated relative to adding a satellite plant.  Recommendations were made based on operating, energy efficiency, economic, and environmental permitting considerations.

Client Vanderbilt University

Completion Year 2016

Cost $90M



Vanderbilt University



Steam Plant Conversion to Natural Gas –American Council of Engineering Companies of Tennessee, Grand Award Winner, 2016 –Engineering Excellence Award, Energy Category



Bus Center / Rec / CUP