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Schermerhorn Symphony Center

Home of the Nashville Symphony

Nashville, TN

ICT was excited to be involved with the MPE and Technology design for this 197,000 SF concert hall. Four stories tall, the building contains seven half-floors to accommodate access at different levels to the concert hall and the surrounding public spaces. This 1,900 seat concert hall includes 150 choral seats behind the stage and accommodates 115 musicians. The venue houses rehearsal space, meeting rooms, and an educational classroom. The state-of-the-art facility has integrated building-wide control systems for HVAC, lighting, security, fire alarm, communications, “Dynafloor” which allows traditional raked house seating or flat floor with the push of a button, acoustically engineered air-handling equipment with low velocity ductwork and acoustically-isolated electrical infrastructure, the latest audio/video recording equipment, electrical infrastructure to support theatrical rigging/performance systems, and performance lighting systems with digital controls. ICT was also part of the rebuild of the MPE systems following the 2010 Nashville flood.

Photos by Steve Hall © Hedrich Blessing


197,000 SF


Nashville Symphony


David M. Schwarz Architects; Earl Swensson Architects; Hastings Architecture Associates, LLC


American Consulting Engineers Council of Tennessee, Engineering Excellence Honor Award, 2007


09/2006 Schermerhorn Symphony Center; 12/2010 Flood Remediation


Symphony Hall