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Schermerhorn Symphony Center

Home of the Nashville Symphony

Nashville, TN

I.C. Thomasson Associates, Inc. was retained to provide full MPE/IT design services for this world class symphony center located in Music City. The four-story facility is approximately 197,000 SF and includes a 1,900-seat concert hall includes 150 choral seats behind the stage and accommodates 115 musicians. The venue houses rehearsal spaces, meeting rooms, and an educational classroom. The state-of-the-art facility has integrated building-wide control systems for HVAC, lighting, security, fire alarm, communications, “Dynafloor” which allows traditional raked house seating or flat floor with the push of a button, acoustically engineered air-handling equipment with low velocity ductwork and acoustically-isolated electrical infrastructure, the latest audio/video recording equipment, smoke control systems,  electrical infrastructure to support theatrical rigging/performance systems, and performance lighting systems with digital controls. ICT was also part of the rebuild of the MEP systems following the 2010 Nashville flood.

Photos by Steve Hall © Hedrich Blessing


197,000 SF


Nashville Symphony


David M. Schwarz Architects; Earl Swensson Architects; Hastings Architecture Associates, LLC


American Consulting Engineers Council of Tennessee, Engineering Excellence Honor Award, 2007


09/2006 Schermerhorn Symphony Center; 12/2010 Flood Remediation


Symphony Hall