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Starship Barracks

Barracks and Company Operations Facility Renovation

Fort Jackson, SC

The Starship Barracks renovation program consists of the complete renovation and remodel of the interiors of existing Starship training barracks at Fort Jackson.  The scope of work consisted of a full replacement of all mechanical, electrical, plumbing and low-voltage communication systems.  The domestic hot water generation system consists of a hybrid of traditional high efficiency natural gas fired water heaters with large water storage tanks and solar water heating panels to aid in at least a 30% reduction of the domestic total hot water demand of the building.  The new plumbing fixtures consist of flow controlled low flow lavatory faucets, water closets, urinals as well as low flow mixing valve operated shower rooms with multiple showers.  Company centralized laundry facilities are provided as well.  The entire building as well as sub utility systems are provided with direct digital control (Building Automation System) tie-ins for monitoring, logging and potential trending per the Energy Performance Act of 2005 (EPAct 05) and the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 (EISA 07).  The project consists of connection to a base/installation distribution system which requires water quality testing as well as system pressure testing.


Starship $34 Million; TBUP Reception Barracks $14 Million



STOA Architects




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