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Kendall Regional Medical Center

Bed Tower Expansion, NICU Renovation, Parking Garage

Miami, FL

In 2016, Kendall Regional Medical undertook major and minor renovations and additions to the hospital. The central tower was expanded two floors. The new 5th floor is home to a 48-bed ICU unit, and the new 6th floor contains 15 med/surg beds, a 12-bed pediatric psych med/surg unit, and an eight-bed PICU unit. The helipad was relocated from the 4th-floor roof to the new 6th-floor roof. A new eight-story parking garage serves the complex. Lastly, the renovations included a five-bed NICU on the 2nd floor of the existing East Tower with new mechanical space on the first floor to serve the NICU, administrative space additions, kitchen/servery/dining, lab, burn clinic, classrooms, EVS, materials, and service dock.


130,000 SF




Earl Swensson Associates




Addition and Renovation