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Bunge Corporation

Edible Oil Refinery

Decatur, AL

Bunge Corporation hired ICT to design their new edible oil refinery in 1996 as a bid and spec project. The refinery processes crude soybean oil into refined oils for hundreds of uses in foods.

The plant consists of thousands of feet of process pipe and dozens of pressure vessels.

Bunge Corporation and ICT continue to work together by expanding the refinery plant and adding the packaging process plant across the road from the refinery.

The picture above shows the new 220-foot utility and vegetable oil bridge feeding the new packaging plant.

  • Barge Unloading Facility
  • Extraction Plant Upgrade
  • Packaging Process Plant Upgrades
  • Refinery Plant and Expansion
  • Steam Plant
  • Tank Farm Upgrades
  • Unloading Shed



Bunge Corporation


Bunge Corporation




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