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Nissan Motor Manufacturing

Compressed Air and Chilled Water Plant

Canton, MS

ICT designed a complete Central Utility Plant that serves the needs of a new two million SF automotive plant. The plant has a capacity of 250,000 vehicles a year producing full-sized pickup trucks, full-sized sport utility vehicles, and the next generation minivan. The original plant consists of 20,000 tons of chilled water for process and comfort cooling and 25,000 scfm of compressed air. The expansion includes 10,000 tons of chilled water and 10,000 scfm of compressed air.

The chilled water system was designated as the “Significant Energy User” for the Canton site’s pursuit of ISO 50001 and SEP certification.  As part of that certification effort, Nissan developed a regression equation for the chilled water system to estimate savings by utilizing outside temperature and production volume as the relevant variables.  This approach provided additional credibility to the estimated savings during SEP Performance Verification. This enabled the auditors to easily verify that the Canton site achieved a 20.9% total site-wide improvement in energy performance. The success of this project was instrumental in helping the facility achieve SEP Platinum certification.


  • 30% energy intensity reduction
    75% recycled booth air
    VFDs & energy efficient motors
    Utilities metering and expansion capability
  • Optimized processes to increase efficiency.

Project Highlights:

  • 31,000 tons of 41° F chilled water
  • 25,000 scfm of 100 psig compressed air
  • 36,000 scfm of 110 psig compressed air
  • All required auxiliaries including: cooling towers, pumps, dryers, automated computer controls, and bridge cranes



Nissan North America, Inc.


Stanley Jones Corporation