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Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Vehicle Filling Station

Dickson, TN

ICT provided mechanical and electrical engineering services for a new compressed natural gas (CNG) Fast Fill Station. The Fast Fill Station is used to fill public utility and private CNG-fueled vehicles at reduced prices as compared to gasoline. The Station includes a compressor system installed under an open air canopy. The compressor system compresses natural gas from 125 psig to 3,600 psig and includes a gas dryer, 125 hp reciprocating compressor, and 5,400 psig rated storage tanks. Space was provided for future expansion of the compressor system to a second compressor and storage tanks as demand for CNG is anticipated to increase in the future. The Station also includes a concrete masonry unit (CMU) constructed controls building which is fully air conditioned and which contains the PLC control system components. Finally, the Station includes a CNG dispenser installed under a service station canopy with space provided for a future second dispenser. The CNG dispenser accepts credit cards which allows the Station to be unmanned and available 24 hours a day.



Greater Dickson Gas Authority


Piedmont Natural Gas/James + Associates





Compressed Natural Gas