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AEP Battery Energy Storage System

South River, NJ

Supporting the goal of a sustainable future, ICT is committed to designing renewable energy projects and finding innovative solutions for our clients.

Battery Energy Storage (BES) systems are one of the most innovative energy technologies today and will be essential for a future carbon-free electrical grid, growing at a rate of 52% in Q1 of 2023 year over year.   It is now estimated that the United States has over 12 Gigawatts (GW) total in BES capacity as of Q2 of 2023. 

BES systems are a lithium-ion based technology that allow energy to be captured during low-cost hours of the day when a surplus of energy is available and discharge that energy during peak hours of energy usage.  These systems can be designed for grid support, peak shaving, and islanding operation. 

ICT provided design services to Crowder Construction in support of AEP and the South River Borough to deploy a 10MW/15MWh Wartsila BES system, interconnected to the local substation.  This system provides nearly 50% of South River’s peak power needs for its 16,000 residents.  A twin system is also now operational, constructed with this same project team, in Martinsville, VA.  

As more cyclical generation systems are put into service, such as solar and wind, BES systems will assist in stabilizing the grid by assisting ride-through periods of time where overall generation is below the demand threshold.  We are excited to be involved in this transition and look forward to supporting our clients as they face this challenge. 

AEP Battery Energy Storage Systems





South River Borough