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Conway Solar Facility

Conway, AR

Supporting the goal of a sustainable future, ICT is committed to designing renewable energy projects and finding innovative solutions for our clients.

Conway Corporation provides electrical power, as well as other utilities for the Conway community.  As a part of their commitment to renewable energy sources and reducing their carbon footprint, they contracted Engineering and Construction Services for development of a photovoltaic array to be installed on the closed Blaney Hill landfill.  This was the first ground mount system installed for Conway Corporation and has led to a much larger commitment to install over 100 megawatts of additional solar in White County, AR.     

ICT was included on the team to provide our expertise on modelling and design of photovoltaic systems and provided full electrical and communications design for the project.  The facility was sized at 1 MW and produces 1.8MKWH, enough to power 150 local homes. It is estimated that the city’s carbon footprint has been reduced by the equivalent CO2 emissions from 2,623,045 gallons of gasoline.

The installation made use of existing land that was unusable for other development purposes on the closed landfill.  The support system for the array was concrete ballasted and all conduits were routed shallow or along the racking to avoid penetration of the cap.  Future plans are to include adding walking/bike trails around the area. 

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1 MW


Conway Corp


Conway Corp